Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tell me why?

As I can see, the struggle of man against man has been taking place since ages across the world on two counts, one non tolerance of people who look and think different and second hard feelings caused by fear or threat leading to violent reaction. We don’t need to look far back into history. Even if a look at the globe today we can see the tensions caused by Chinese in Tibet, North Korea (God alone knows what they want!), Tamils in Sri Lanka, Civil war in Ethiopia and Somalia, Afghanistan (has been at war even before the mughal invasion of Hindustan), Israel in Palestine, Non whites in Australia, Communists in East Europe, Mexicans in America. Possibly I might have missed some. No country is spared, no race is immune.
Man has survived over the past millions of years if the carbon dating of fossils is to be believed. If the earth does not explode, it is quite evident that man will continue to live another million years. Then what are we afraid of? Why can’t we all live in peace? There is enough of resource of every kind to go around such that every living being can live comfortably. Infact no human race has been wiped off due to non availability of resources in all these million years. Even the Eskimos have learnt to live in the snow and ice. Then why?

Why do we see our individual self as the centre of the universe?

Why are we scared of fellow humans instead of calamities of nature?

Why do we suffer from greed and the anxiety to conserve for tomorrow?

Why is self preservation so important when we can’t deny death?

Tell me?

Everything in life is funny!

Of late a small realization that has dawned upon me is about all situations, all events, all physical processions and all worldly relationships being temporary, momentary and fleeting. We get into a situation, event, ownership, relationship and another moment we are out of it. A decade passes by in the flicker of the eye and we are back into the beginning after being in and out of the situation. That is what makes it very funny. It is funny that we attach so much importance to it when we are in its midst. We cry over it and we fight over it. We spend so much of our time and energy to keep it alive. Yet one fine day it comes to an end as it is destined. All that which is alive must die; this is the rule of nature. Then, is it not funny that all our efforts are based on the assumption which runs contrarily.
So why don’t we live every moment with the realization; that this too will pass, that it is funny that this should happen to me, that lets enjoy it and have fun while it lasts and that now when it has passed by wasn’t it funny. This was there will be no stress and unhappiness in life.